Sticker Shock?

In every project I do for a client there are a few moments that I always have to build up the courage for. The biggest one is submitting the first round of design proofs, but another is when I send the initial proposal. I do like to chat about pricing before the proposal happens, but often times it just doesn’t happen. My thoughts start to consume me thinking “are they going to think this is too crazy expensive?” “are they going to think this is way too cheap?” “maybe this is charging too much, let me knock it down”, “well actually it takes a lot of time, so I think this is correct pricing” “my style can be pretty simple, are they going to think that they could have done it on their own?”… and the list of thoughts goes on.

But here is the thing – I put a lot of time into designing. The design process includes time putting into planning + sometimes sketching if necessary. It includes drafting out multiple variations. Sometimes the design needs zoomed-in up close and personal tweaking. It includes checking the Pantone swatch book + making sure the colors are good for print. I find color swatches to choose from, fonts to test out, and sometimes hand lettering is involved. There is tweaking of the font + verbiage to make sure the text is legible, esthetically pleasing to the eye and not distracting from the rest of the design (hello hyphens). And so much more.

This is less about me trying to inform you and more about me just saying that we as entrepreneurs providing services need to remind ourselves that we are doing work that other people either don’t have the ability or time to do. Our services are important and are worth charging what is felt necessary for the job at hand.

I know there can be sticker shock when proposals are sent, but it’s good practice to understand that individual skillsets are worth it, and sometimes their craft is much harder to achieve than you think! Case in point, I found a photographer I wanted to use for family photos who charged $500 for a family session. Before I ever got into the world of small business and invoicing people on my own, I might have thought that was crazy! I mean for 30 minutes of shooting?! But you guys, this is an amazing photographer, she schedules time with you to capture your family, takes the time to edit (which, I’ve tried and it is just not in my wheelhouse), provides you with 50 digital copies (some photogs only provide 10!), and again… her work is incredible. These services that you want to hire someone for are investments!

If you’re an entrepreneur, I hope this reminds you that your skill is valuable and to charge what you’re worth. If you’re a customer, I hope maybe this brings a new perspective to investing in services!

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