A Logo Is Not Your Brand

I am part of several Facebook groups for designers where I find tons of inspiration and advice from fellow designers doing exactly what I do. In this day and age, I honestly don’t know what I would do without this network of people, and I recently was scrolling through the page when I noticed a reply to someone’s question where this person explained that a logo is not a brand. Seeing that in plain writing that like hit me hard… I mean duh, a logo is not your brand. But at the same time, I have even gotten lost in automatically connecting a logo to a brand when it comes to helping clients coming up with their brand.

The truth is a brand is so much more. A brand is your voice and verbiage, colors, fonts, how you conduct business, how you communicate with clients and customers,  and your logo should be ON brand, but it is not THE brand.

This way of thinking made me come to the realization that I need to break down my package offerings a bit. I have a branding package that includes a logo, colors, fonts, patterns, and sub logos. But not everyone is ready to define their brand, some clients like to start with a logo. So I’m excited to announce that a logo can now be an a la carte item!


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