Foxy Logo

I’m really excited to share one of the first logos I did since getting back into design a few months ago. I’m lucky enough to have friends that believe in me and help find clients for me! This logo was for a friend’s boss who runs a financial and business consulting company. Not only was I pumped to do work for a female business owner, but I was so excited to learn that they are an all women run team as well!

I learned a lot while working on this project. Not only did I push myself design wise, but I had to re-remember how to conduct business. I had to remember how to invoice properly, how much to charge, how to communicate effectively, and how to stick to deadlines! I am so grateful they were my first client back in the game, because I learned a lot and honestly if I were to do their project again right now almost the whole entire process would be different. I have fine tuned my processes from on-boarding to invoicing to revealing design rounds and more. Thankfully they were awesome and patient clients!

The client wanted a strong look as she caters to both male and female clients and she wanted it to relate to a fox for her other business that will be up and running soon. She chose an orange color, which I think contributes to their strong look. The outlines and bold fonts are what is most striking but also keeps to a minimalist look… which we all know is my favorite kind of look!

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